Voice Class
Whether you want to sing on Broadway one day, sing a special song for a loved one's wedding or just want to sing a song or two on a karaoke night, this class is for you. We'll spend our class time singing together and solo, learning the basic techniques, enjoying the health benefits of singing and making new friends in a fun creative, judgement-free space.

When: Thursdays (8 weeks)
Where: TJMS Choir Room
Who: Adults 19 years and older

Week 1: Posture, breathing, and song selection
Week 2: Learning a piece and How to practice  (+song work)
Week 3: Learning a piece and How to practice Part II (+song work)
Week 4: Anatomy of the Voice (+song work)
Week 5: Vowels, Consonants, and Diphthongs (+song work)
Week 6: Character, Artistry and Stage fright (+song work)
Week 7: Vocal Health (+song work)
Week 8: Performance

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