Port Fitness


Non-Residents are now welcome to utilize the DAC and our Aqua Zumba class.



 Aqua Zumba Tuesday Evening - Cancelled temporarily until broken pool heater is repaired.   





Purchase Class Packs  **Your purchase is complete when "Check Out Complete" message appears **
   1 Class = $10
   5 Classes = $45
   10 Classes = $80
   20 Classes = $120
   New Student 2 Week Unlimited = $20 
   NON-REFUNDABLE = Class-packs are non-refundable.  Please plan accordingly.
   NON-TRANSFERABLE = Class-pack are non-transferrable.  Classes purchased are valid for purchaser only.
   GUESTS = Please have your guest purchase a 1-Class-Pack.  Required waiver is included with purchase.
   EXPIRATION = Class-packs expire after 1 year of purchase. Example: purchase on 2/14/21, expires 2/13/22.  
   * Pay for classes with your pre-paid class-pack (see Purchase Class Pack above)
   * Do not attend is you have COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact w/ anyone that has symptoms or has tested positive.
   * Maintain social distancing.

 All Level Yoga may be held at Upper Lake Park on warm fall days.  Plan ahead and contact the Rec Office (262-284-5881) for details.