Port Fitness

Monday Zen Barre with Maura 

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NEW! We have a new name: Port Fitness. Previously Yoga & More.
NEW! Fitness Studio.  Stop in to see the new studio space, it's beautiful.
NEW! Class-packs expire after 1 year of purchase. Example: purchase on 2/14/21, expires 2/13/22.
NEW! Class-pack price increase. Look no further, you still won't find a better price.
SAME! Great Location.  Construction will be complete any day now.  We are excited to have you all back.
SAME! Great Instructors.
SAME! Great Classes.  Yoga, Zumba, Zen Barre, HITT and more.
SAME! Great Value.
Purchase Class Packs  **Your purchase is complete when "Check Out Complete" message appears **
   1 Class = $10
   5 Classes = $45
   10 Classes = $80
   20 Classes = $120
   New Student 2 Week Unlimited = $20 
   REFUNDS = Class-packs are non-refundable.  Please plan accordingly
COVID-19 Precautions
   1. Classes are limited to 8 students max. Pre-register for Classes to ensure your spot in class (or drop-in based on availability)
       Register for Classes  **Your Registration is complete when "Check Out Complete" message appears. **
   2.  Registration for January classes begins December 23.
   3.  No fee at time of registration. Pay with your pre-paid class-pack punches (see Purchase Class Pack above)
   4.  1 Class registration = 1 class-pack punch.
   5.  Call or email office with class registration cancellation requests. Class-pack punches can be refunded with 24 hours notice. 
   6.  Do not attend is you have COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact w/ anyone that has symptoms or has tested positive.
   7.  Masks are required at all times.
   8.  Maintain social distancing.
   9. Classes begin and end promptly.