Possibility Playground

Possibility Playground is a new kind of playground; one where children of all abilities are able to play together. It was built with children of all types of physical abilities in mind, and has been used by thousands of children and parents to blend the line between learning, therapy and playtime.

In order to rethink how people play, we designed the playground from the ground up- literally. The poured in place soft and latex free surface allows children and their caregivers with mobility challenges to move around the playground easily. The double-wide ramping allows all children to get to all areas of the playground, and there is even a Pirate Ship complete with waves, a rain wheel and a motion platform.

Countless opportunities to learn and play fill an area the size of a football field. Here, children can play side by side on specially built monkey bars, drum on a musical alligator, and run across bridges- all without worrying about issues of balance or mobility.

So come play with us on our one of a kind playground right here in Port Washington, Wisconsin. With surprises around every corner, you are sure to find both friends and adventure.

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If you are a school or group call Parks & Rec. at 262-284-5881 to schedule a visit.