COVID-19 Health & Safety

 Port Washington Recreation COVID-19 Health and Safety
Here at the Port Washington Recreation Department are doing everything that we can to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, while still offering the community exceptional Recreational Programming, Park Rental Services, and Community Events.  Our staff and volunteers have been trained in our health and safety procedures and will be practicing social distancing, wearing CDC approved face coverings, performing daily health checks, and performing additional cleaning tasks through out the day at our facilities and events.  
For more information about COVID-19 and Ozaukee County's Health Department Guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and information about COVID-19 vaccines please visit the Washington and Ozaukee County Health Department Website or the Centers for Disease Control Website
 We are doing our best to keep this information and our guidelines as updated as possible with the ever-changing nature of the pandemic, if you have questions or concerns please call 262-284-5881 or email Kiley Schulte - Recreation Director at

Health Screening Tools 
-We ask that all participants and community members use this health screening tool prior to attending our events and programs.  This helps to determine whether or not it is safe for yourself and others to attend.
 All staff and volunteers will be required to screen themselves using this symptom checking tool to determine if it is safe for them to work.

  Pirate's Hollow Safe Operating Plan
The Recreation Department has taken careful consideration regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in our plans to re-open Pirate's Hollow Waterpark this Summer.  Listed here is our comprehensive opening and safe operation plan for Pirate's Hollow.

Program Specific Safe Operation Plans
For more program specific information see the documents below that detail the extent of our health and safety procedures:

  Park Rentals and COVID-19
For the 2021 season we are offering rentals of all our rentable parks and outdoor spaces.  We will ask all those renting a facility to fill out an addendum to our liability waiver specific to COVID-19.  This form will be included in the forms to be filled out during the park rental process.