INFOS Port Washington

INFOS Port Washington is the product of a project collectively funded by the Wisconsin Sea Grant program, NOAA Coastal Storms Program, WI Coastal Management, WE Energies, other local businesses. The research and maintenance of this site is conducted by the Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EFM) group of the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Many parties have acted to assist in the development of this site, including: Ozaukee County, the City of Port Washington, and Wisconsin Coastal Management Program.
The mission of this project is to combine and enhance information about the water environment Port Washington, Lake Michigan. Currently, there are many great resources available via the internet; however, much of the information is scattered throughout the web, making it difficult for one to obtain a clear picture of the current conditions. The hope is that the information presented will aid visitors in making safe decisions and act to enhance enjoyment of this beautiful place. The site combines real-time observations from various sources, as well as, present nowcasting and forecasting guidance of waves, currents, water temperature, and water levels near Port Washington.  
Water Safety Resources: