Is your organization, club, business, or family looking for a fun and rewarding opportunity to get involved in your community?  Through the City of Port Washington’s Adopt-a-Park-Garden program, volunteers can contribute to the beautification of our City by planting and maintaining a flower bed in one of Port Washington’s lovely parks

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Adopt-a-Park-Garden program; individuals, families, businesses, churches, clubs, and other groups are all encouraged to get involved. Volunteers are welcome to select a park garden to plant and maintain, or Parks and Recreation will select one that suits your volunteer group


  • Bringing the Community Together. The Adopt-a-Park-Garden program provides an opportunity for community members and organizations to come together for the common goal of making Port Washington a more beautiful and enjoyable place to live. Experience the feeling of fulfillment that comes from teamwork and collaboration for the good of the community
  • Environmental Action. The program seeks to draw attention to the importance of respecting and protecting our City’s natural spaces. Adopting a park garden can be an effective hands-on educational tool for Scout groups, school clubs, and other organizations that want to emphasize environmental stewardship
  • Take Pride in Your Involvement. Add your group’s personal touch to a City park for the entire community to enjoy. The City will recognize your hard work and dedication by placing a sign in the park’s garden that indicates who maintains it. Your group’s civic engagement is something to celebrate!

To become involved in Port Washington’s Adopt-a-Park-Garden program, please call the Parks and Recreation Department at (262) 284-5881




  • The flower beds are owned and administered by the City of Port Washington Parks & Recreation Department
  • Donations, and other monies shall be paid to the City of Port Washington.  People interested in volunteering may contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (262) 284-5881


  • The Parks & Recreation Department may remove volunteers for non-compliance with any rules stated herein
  • Participation is open to residents and businesses of the City of Port Washington
  • Volunteers may not plant any flowers unless previously approved by the Parks & Recreation Department.  Volunteers must contact the Parks & Recreation Department no later than mid-May each year for approval
  • Except with a permit issued by the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources, any invasive plant species listed as Prohibited or Restricted under Ch. NR 40, Wis. Admin. Code, is banned from the flower beds, as are mint, borage, and trees or shrubs that grow taller than four (4) feet
  • Flower beds are available on a first come, first served basis
  • The City will install signs in flower beds that read “Maintained by …"
  • The City will reimburse for plantings or fertilizer provided that each volunteer does not exceed $100 per year in each bed
  • Volunteers are responsible for maintaining a flower bed on public property.  The resident or business is responsible for purchasing and planting all plants, watering the plants as needed, mulching the bed, pulling weeds, as well as anything that needs to be done to keep the flower bed looking attractive
  • The Parks & Recreation Department will water flower beds as personnel and time permit
  • Volunteers may not allow weeds to go to seed or to spread by rhizomes or other means to other areas of the park.  Volunteers who allow their beds to become weedy will be given one warning, after which their beds will be forfeited and reassigned to others if the weeds are not promptly controlled
  • Herbicides and dusts, with the exception of diatomaceous earth, are prohibited.  For a description of acceptable pesticides and their proper use, see
  • Volunteers are strongly encouraged to use mulch of weed-free types only.  The Parks & Recreation Department crews will deliver woodchips if requested, however the volunteer is responsible to spread them
  • Street parking is located along each park.  Please notice and obey parking signs and exercise caution when crossing the street.  Do not drive or park in a park as motorized vehicles are not allowed.  Violators may be ticketed and/or have their vehicle towed
  • Volunteers must keep all walkways and paths clear of obstructions
  • Volunteers must not leave soil, compost, bicycles, wheelbarrows, tools or other materials on or in any street, walkway or path
  • All personal property items, such as tools, must be removed from the park and flower bed the same day as it was used.  The City is not responsible for lost, stolen or discarded personal property items brought to or left upon or within the park premises by anyone
  • Anyone observing theft or vandalism should immediately contact the Port Washington Police Department at (262) 284-2611 to report non-emergency incidents.  We encourage you to file a vandalism report with the Police Department
  • When a flower bed becomes available, the Parks & Recreation Dept. will seek out new volunteers through the newsletter, Facebook, and/or contacting people who have shown interest in the past